Taught by industry professionals currently working in the business

Student Age Ranges Generally 11 to 17 – Inquire Below

We come to you! All that we require is a minimum of 10 students per camp. We offer camps across the United States and are also available to conduct camps in other countries. Fees and enrollment requirements may vary outside the U.S.

Making movies is fun! It takes creativity, commitment, and teamwork. At camp, we focus on fostering an inclusive environment of teamwork so that camp is a positive experience for you.  At the end of the week, you will have learned valuable tools that will enable you to cooperate in a filmmaking environment.

We also focus on storytelling, because whether you are interested in being in front of the camera or behind it, storytelling is at the core of filmmaking.

If you’re excited about the idea of being a crew member on set, working in post-production, producing or directing your own short film or feature film, acting on camera, or just figuring out what it is that interests you so much about movies – our camp is the perfect experience!

As a group, we will create a story and script, go through the pre-production stages to plan out how to capture the script on film, shoot the project (digitally), edit the project (including effects, titles, music), and deliver the final product for presentation to the entire class, family, and friends at the end of the camp.

Those who are interested in acting will have an opportunity to act on-camera in the project. We will work with each student to make sure that he or she is getting to focus on the areas that they are most interested in.

Storytelling, Screenwriting, Acting, Producing, Directing, Shot Planning, Blocking, Cinematography, Sound, Set Design, Effects, and more.


CURRENT INDUSTRY EXPERIENCED INSTRUCTORS:  The camp is taught by Eric Colley and Hallie Shepherd, who together have written, produced, directed, and acted in multiple feature films.  Their last produced film is Cuba Gooding Jr.’s directorial debut Louisiana Caviar which stars Cuba Gooding Jr., Richard Dreyfuss, Katharine McPhee, and Famke Janssen. The FIRESHOE team also includes reality TV editors and producers (Alaska State Troopers, Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson’s TraceMe), as well as a talented group of industry professionals who have worked on visual effects for both independent films as  well as high-end blockbuster movies including Star Wars: Rogue One, The Great Gatsby, Snow White and the Huntsman, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Inception, and Hugo (the 2012 Academy Award for Best Visual Effects went to Hugo!).

Hallie Shepherd is a writerproducereditor, and actress. For over ten years, Hallie trained as an actress with the late Gary Austin (founder of the famed improvisational group The Groundings, from which many Saturday Night Live actors got their start). Hallie has been involved in over one hundred film, TV, and commercial projects in a variety of capacities, both in front of and behind the camera. Recent projects include the 2015 World War II drama The Last Rescue and the 2018 mystery/thriller Last Seen in Idaho. With both of these films, Hallie was a writer, producer, actress, and editor. Her experience as a producer adds to her value as a screenwriter and vice versa. She can adeptly tailor a scene to fit production requirements while preserving creative and emotional meaning, which is incredibly valuable when working with budget, location, or logistical restrictions. Within the TV industry, Hallie worked with Nordisk Film (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) as a writer for the Norwegian TV series Inventors Academy, penning the series pilot and treatments for season one. Most recently, Hallie produced Oscar Winner Cuba Gooding Jr.’s directorial debut Louisiana Caviar, which stars Gooding Jr., Oscar Winner Richard Dreyfuss, Famke Janssen and Katharine McPhee. The film is currently in post-production. Hallie is currently co-producing and providing script notes on Beyond Repair, a supernatural thriller produced by Eric Gitter (producer of Atomic Blonde) as well as developing a fun action-thriller called This Time Tomorrow, a high school football drama called Smashmouth, a Christmas drama-comedy called Misfits in a Pear Tree, and a Goonies-style family caper called Mickey and the Diamonds.  Hallie also writes a blog about movies, books, music, art, and entertainment at www.HallieShepherd.com

Eric Colley is a director, producer, editor, and actor. Colley’s directing talents and industry acumen benefitted from the mentorship and guidance during his early years of many Hollywood heavyweights, such as John Daly (producer of The Terminator,Platoon, Hoosiers). Throughout the past decade, Colley has been involved as a director, producer, actor, and editor on over one hundred film and video projects of all sizes. Recently, Colley directed, produced, edited, and acted in the 2015 World War II drama The Last Rescue and the 2018 mystery/thriller Last Seen in Idaho. Both of these films were shot on independent film budgets with condensed shooting schedules, a testament to Colley’s talent at envisioning and planning his approach and style, and then executing that vision efficiently while on set in a time-pressured environment. Currently, Colley also serves as Executive Producer on Oscar Winner Cuba Gooding Jr.’s directorial debut Louisiana Caviar, which stars Gooding Jr., Oscar Winner Richard Dreyfuss, Famke Janssen and Katharine McPhee. Colley is also a co-producer on Beyond Repair, a supernatural thriller in development being produced by Eric Gitter (producer of Atomic Blonde). He is developing new film projects, as well as developing a fun action-thriller called This Time Tomorrow, a high school football drama called Smashmouth, a Christmas drama-comedy called Misfits in a Pear Tree, and a Goonies-style family caper called Mickey and the Diamonds.

ERIC AND HALLIE’S TEACHING EXPERIENCE:  With over 15 years of teaching experience, we have mentored students from a range of schools, including private high schools such as Charles Wright Academy, public high schools such as Enumclaw High School, and universities and colleges such as the University of Washington and the Seattle Art Institute.  For over five years, we have also served on the advisory board for Shoreline Community College’s Performance Arts/Filmmaking Program. We have also taught entire curriculums in filmmaking and screenwriting to many students for Film Connection, a film school located in Los Angeles.  The subjects we have taught are expansive, including general filmmaking, screenwriting, acting, producing, directing, editing, cinematography, and more. We have also brought many teen students onto our film sets to be mentored in a real working environment. Our students and mentees have moved on to work in the film, TV, and music industry in many different capacities.


The truth is that a lot of “Hollywood” workshops and programs are being taught by people that have not been successful in the industry. With us, it’s the exact opposite. We are working full-time on films and loving it! Fortunately, the nature of the business allows us the scheduling flexibility to teach and mentor in between shooting film projects. This means that we can bring real-world filmmaking experience into the classroom.

The instructor-student ratio is never higher than 8:1. If there are more than 16 sign-ups for a class, Eric and Hallie will have another team member with them.

Much of the business world is about networking and that holds especially true in the Hollywood system. We are always available to our past student/interns. We encourage our students to pursue their goals and passions, and we give them the first opportunity when any on-set internship or acting role becomes available. These on-set positions are invaluable, because being among true professionals (and showing everyone what a good job you can do!) is the fastest track to a real world career in film.

We also bring back past students and interns to work on many different projects and in many different capacities. To share one story with you: One of our earliest interns was a seventeen year old who assisted in both the camera and art department on one of our feature films. After that, he went off to film school in Montana, focusing on cinematography. He stayed in touch with us, and a few years after he graduated from college, we brought him on to two of our films to work as the cinematographer. He now focuses on music videos, shooting for talents such as Black Eyed Peas, Eddie Murphy, Gym Class Heroes, and more. 

Another of our interns went on to be the personal videographer for comedian Tom Green for many years before landing a job as creative director at Atlantic Records. Many of our past students and interns work regularly in the film industry on feature film sets as well as in post-production (one of our past interns is currently in Los Angeles editing movie trailers and another is in Seattle editing for the reality TV company PSG).

Our student-actors get first access to any of our future auditions in which they match the character’s criteria. In most cases, video auditions will be allowed for smaller roles or for the first round of auditions for leading roles. This allows our past students to easily audition even if the casting is taking place outside of their home state. 

At the end of camp, we hold a special question & answer session for parents/guardians where we discuss the business, agents, management, and how to navigate the pitfalls of the filmmaking/acting world in Hollywood. This Q & A is an important opportunity for parents to ask us questions about the industry. All questions are good questions! We want to help your child reach his or her goals, and the more you understand about the industry, the better.

Resumes and credits are important in this competitive world. Being able to list the Fireshoe Filmmaking and Acting Camp on your resume is significant. It shows you are serious about getting education and experience!  We have also served as job references, and we have written recommendation letters for students that applied to (and were accepted into) USC and other film schools. Additionally, by the end of camp, you will have earned an IMDB credit!

All students will receive an acting and/or crew IMDB.com credit for the short film project created during the camp, if desired. If they do not have an IMDB profile yet, we will create one for them. This is a great way to add to or start their Hollywood credit profile.


Camp schedules are Monday through Friday with a Friday afternoon or evening screening of the final projects along with a Q/A for parents & students regarding the business of filmmaking and acting.

8:30AM – CAMP
10:00AM – BREAK
10:15AM – CAMP
12:00PM – LUNCH
12:30PM – CAMP
2:15PM – BREAK
2:30PM – CAMP

(schedules can vary to fit the location and group needs)


A camp requires a location (WE COME TO YOU!) and a minimum of 10 students (usually a maximum of 25).  The fee is $1,495 per student.  PTA member? $995 per student special – limited time. We are currently doing a limited number of camps per year based on our availability (we work in the industry but in between film projects, we love to teach and mentor! ). Let us know if you are interested in bringing a camp to your area.

Our camp is taught by industry professionals which means availability is limited and can vary. We work with parents, PTA, schools, etc. to bring camps to your area. If you think you have enough interested students in your area, please contact us to find out how we can work together to bring a camp to you!  Current available weeks are listed below.

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