Our Team

Eric Colley, Owner

Eric Colley is a directorproducereditor, and actor. His varied skills and experiences in the feature film and commercial world allow him to spearhead any project with leadership, creativity, and flexibility. He emphasizes the importance of communication with clients and team members on the vision and goal of any project, always aiming to deliver a product that exceeds expectations. Eric directed the WWII feature film The Last Rescue and the thriller Last Seen in Idaho and recently was Executive Producer on Cuba Gooding Jr.’s directorial debut Bayou Caviar. MORE

Hallie Shepherd, Owner

Hallie Shepherd is a writerproducereditor, and actor. She works closely with commercial clients to coordinate all logistical, financial, and creative aspects of a project. In feature films, her experience as a producer adds to her value as a screenwriter. She can tailor a scene to fit production requirements while preserving creative and emotional meaning. Her writing credits include the WWII feature The Last Rescue, thriller Last Seen in Idaho, and Norwegian TV series Inventors Academy. Most recently she produced Cuba Gooding Jr.’s directorial debut Bayou Caviar. MORE

Solvi Barber

Solvi Barber is a producer, writer, and director who has been working in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. Solvi first made a name for herself in Norway and continues her work as the CEO of the media and attraction company Hybris. Solvi has a film, media and communications degree from Norway and the U.S.  She has produced, written, and directed award-winning films and documentaries in both countries. 10+ years experience as a project manager for a number of museum and attractions has given Solvi a unique perspective on entertaining an audience.

Edward Kahl

Edward Kahl is a producing partner and actor. Edward has a Master’s degree in Business and has worked on several productions as host and voice-over talent, created numerous tag lines and marketing campaigns, as well as managed promotional projects and special events. With more than 14 years of consulting experience, Edward has successfully delivered high profile projects for companies such as Getty Images, REI, AT&T, and Time Warner Cable. MORE

Miodrag Colombo

Miodrag Colombo is an award-winning visual effects director and artist. In 2012, the film Hugo took home the Academy Award for “Best Visual Effects” after Colombo led a team of 25 people while working at Pixomondo Shanghai. He has provided high end visual effects compositing for more than 30 Hollywood features films including other prestigious Academy Awards winners and nominees such as Hugo, The Golden Compass, The Dark Knight and Red TailsMORE

Shawn Lin Fang

Shawn Lin Fang is a producer specializing in IP and investment. He began his career in the entertainment industry with W Squared Live, where he managed investments for films, IP acquisitions, and events. Fang possesses impressive project management skills, and market analysis acumen. Previously, Fang was a consultant at yet2, a multinational intellectual property consulting firm, where he cooperated with Fortune 500 companies such as Unilever, Panasonic, and Procter & Gamble.

Luca Gabriele Rossetti (Marvelous Pictures, Strategic Partner)

Luca G. Rossetti is a Film Art director and Film designer, concept artist and matte painter who specializes in film, video games, and commercials. Rossetti was born in italy and gained experience quickly in the international VFX industry working for high end blockbuster movies including Star Wars: Rogue One, The Great Gatsby, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Eric “Z” Zaragoza

Eric Zaragoza is a director and assistant director. His four years of service in the U.S. Marine Corps and seven years in the film industry make him an invaluable team member. He has a constant drive to expand his already diverse skill set and a passion to create films that will leave an imprint on its audience. Eric leads by example with a work ethic that pushes other team members to be their best. He directed the sci fi thriller Incoming and has assisted many films, incl. Abducted and The Last RescueMORE

Sean Gleaves

Sean Gleaves is a digital effects artistpropmakerscreenwriter, and co-producing partner. Sean was the digital effects artist for the WWII film The Last Rescue, creating over 100 digital effects, including war and action elements, compositing, and sky replacement. Sean also creates effects for commercial projects, working with green screen and other effects. He builds unique or hard-to-find props from scratch. His screenwriting credits include the feature films GPS and The Last RescueMORE

Paul Proios

Paul Proios is a music video directorsinger/songwriteractoreditor, and co-producing partner. Paul was the lead editor for three years for National Geographic’s reality TV series Alaska State Troopers and an editor on the feature film The Last Rescue and TruTV’s Branson Famous. His directing credits include music videos for Blind Melon’s Brad Smith, Unified Theory’s Chris Shinn, and Roxy Saint. As a songwriter, he creates original songs for features films and writes commercial jingles. MORE

Jeffery Alan Jones

Jeffery Alan Jones is an award-winning sound designer and composer. His unique style can be heard in over 150 films, commercials, and video games, including SXSW 2017 Jury Prize Winner Most Beautiful Island. With his audio creation and sound design, he works to shape an overall consistent soundtrack that exploits the expressive and dramatic possibilities of the sound medium. His extensive background in music composition infuses his stunning sound designs and 5.1 surround sound mixing capabilities. MORE

Robert Paul Payne

Robert Paul Payne is a graphic designeranimatorillustrator, and title designer. Adept at combining creative vision with technical skill, Robert creates graphics and artwork for interactive media, print, websites, and films. He can develop new designs or adhere to already established corporate styles, helping to grow brands in new ways. For feature films, Robert designs posters and DVD wraps, and he creates visually exciting 3D opening title sequences.

Catherine Hudson

Catherine Hudson is a producing partner currently based in China and Arizona. She has made a great impact in the Shanghai production scene since her arrival in 2010. She has contributed to many successful stories and offered her sharp and distinctive business know-how while working for many diverse companies in Shanghai: Liquid Impact, W Squared Live, Shine Productions, The Pearl Theater, Theater Anon, Blue Lane Productions, and Anything Goes Productions.

Mark Lovell

Mark Lovell is a producing partner with over thirty years of experience in media and marketing management. He has written, produced, and directed hundreds of radio and TV commercials, specializing in the resort industry. He has also coordinated and produced events, concerts, and festivals. On the set of Last Seen in Idaho, Mark was an associate producer, securing key locations and exotic cars for the film, which featured three dozen exotic and classic cars including a Lamborghini.

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